for success.

It's what we do with it

OLAmobile proprietary field tested technology is developed with one thing in mind: effectiveness on overachieving our advertiser and publisher daily acquisition, engagement and monetization objectives.



(R)evolution of Advertising

Innovative proprietary technology that uses computer vision and pattern recognition to place ads in a non-intrusive way inside videos or images, following the most advanced AI and machine learning standards.

an easy-to-integrate cloud-based solution

Video and Image monetization breakthrough

We turn ad inventories into premium inventories. Unless forced, when was the last time that you intentionally saw a pre-roll ad until the end? When was the last time you intentionally clicked on a banner?

Much more than pre-rolls and banners, EyeSee’s algorithm analyses and tags the content, and decides the best non-intrusive and most noticeable place to insert the ad, leveraging the Publisher's assets with seamlessly embedded ads within video and image content.

putting you ahead of the game.

Based on computer vision, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition techniques, our intelligent in-content Ads are included “inside” the videos and images of the Publisher, without disturbing the user experience and respecting the viewer. The integration with DSPs, SSPs, Ad Exchanges and Ad Networks is easy, agile and fast.

no human intervention

Process billions of images and videos without one second of human intervention. Through integration script/SDK, our technology analyses metadata to define the best location for the Ad to appear.

boosts brand awareness

Display the campaign on the most noticeable place to insert the ad in the content.

new ad experience

Intelligent Ad placement compatible with current Ad formats and demand. Monetise every single image and video asset in your digital library.

highly efficient solution

New and unique in-content advertising placement opportunities where the user attention is focused. Gain access to a new revenue stream, keep your current ads and include ad formats with EyeSee technology.

advertiser & viewer friendly

Display the campaign in the center of the viewer's attention, on the best non-intrusive place to insert the ad in the content. No more forced interruptions.

highly scalable

Compatible with desktop and mobile, EyeSee can process billions of images and videos without one second of human intervention, making it a unique, scalable and highly eficcient solution.

numbers prove success.

Our innovative ad placements dramatically improve user experience, CTR, and brand recall.
We partnered with Nielsen Research to get a comparison of ad formats managed by the EyeSee technology with standard digital ad placements (such as banner and leaderboard for images, and overlay and pre-roll for video) was made by direct exposure to 1200 online users in the U.S. in 2016.


less disturbing


on noticeability


higher CTR Avg. CTR of 0.41%


ad close rate Pre-roll ad close rate ~90%


av. brand exposure

see it in action.

We are bringing the ad experience to the next level taking a leap with artificial intelligence by embedding ads that are relevant and create an impact, without preventing contents to be fully experienced.

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The SmartIcon dashboard is an internal tool available to the account managers of OLAmobile's mobile app advertising brand: IconPeak. It guarantees optimal filtering of all possible end customers for each app from all smartphone users, ensuring remarkably high conversion rates. It gives us in-depth insights into our campaigns and traffic sources, pinpointing how each campaign could perform better and how each campaign should be run.

Ad Placements Automatic Monitoring
Top Performing Ads and Automatic Optimization
Real-time Decision Making Data
Relevant App Audience Target Group Filtering



The Smarticon optimization platform is internally available to Iconpeak, one of OLAmobile’s mobile app advertising brands. It enables our team to focus any day-to-day efforts on what matters to advertisers, their goals and KPIs. Putting technology to work, the Smarticon’s analytical capabilities allow for a multi-level optimization with deep diving abilities when it comes to the campaign’s performance at the publisher level, constantly ensuring that the best pool of publishers is assigned to each campaign.

Publisher Source and Sub Source Optimization
Goal Focused & KPI Driven Analytics
Real-time Decision Making Data
Relevant App Audience Target Group Filtering

ad serving
& tracking.



Dealing with a continuously growing ecosystem translates into the need to always be coming up with scalable solutions that allow us to overachieve our clients’ needs for speed and capacity. At OLAmobile, a strong bet in R&D guarantee that we’re right in the front line in regards to which solutions we adopt for creating and improving our platforms.

Over 18 billion clicks a month
Horizontally scalable architecture
Autoscaling servers fleet
Servers in 4 regions


Protect your Ad Spend.

Our proprietary technology follows the most advanced AI and machine learning standards in order to deliver increased transparency about different fraud detection across traffic suppliers.
We automatically detect and block fraud/abuse by bots, malware apps, device tampering and Iframes, by analysing every click in order to block all signs of click spamming, hyper engagement and ad stacking fraud.
Our smart profiling technology analyzes patterns of the publishers’ traffic sent to our platforms, aiming to reduce the risk of exposure to ad fraud, creating a safer and more transparent supply chain.

Click Scoring
Publisher Scoring
Fraud Blacklist
Real-time and granular analysis