Senior System Administrator

  • IT | Portugal (Guimarães)


Published on October 1st, 2020

We’re looking for an experienced System Administrator who wants to be challenged on a daily basis. You’ll be expected to install and configure the hardware and software systems of the company, maintaining it in optimal functioning conditions.


- Install and configure servers and networks structures;
- Prepare servers for high load traffic (more than 20k hits per second);
- Program and monitor the system backup;
- Implement alarmist procedures to monitor servers and platforms;
- Monitor services and platforms to prevent down time;
- Implement a failover solution;
- Work with technical teams;
- Maintain the hardware and software systems under his/her responsibility in optimal functioning conditions;
- Manage application release management, infrastructure provisioning and deployment;
- Define and lead next generation high availability data center architectures, operational tools, automation, infrastructure provisioning and 24x7 operations;
- Responsible for the customer facing production environment monitoring, performance, release/ deployment, security, reliability, availability, capacity, latency, and other nonfunctional concerns.


Education and Training:
- Bachelor degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

Professional Experience:
- At least, five years of strong hands on background in data centers, networking, virtualization and service management;
- Proven working experience planning infrastructure capacity;
- Proven working experience using advanced scripting skills;
- Proven working experience supporting infrastructures on Cloud and virtualization environments.

Technical Skills:
- 100% hands on experience in data center management, compute, storage, and network infrastructure;
- Experience with bootstrap data centers and hands on technical work with the engineering team;
- Exposure to big data infrastructures such as Hadoop, MongoDB architecture and experience scaling those infrastructures;
- Knowledge in automation and monitoring tools;
- Knowledge of relational databases, database appliances, and NoSQL databases;
- Understanding of cloud solution approaches from a technical (infrastructure), service management, financial, and sourcing perspective;
- Solid understanding in firewall configurations and Linux file system options;
- Strong foundation in virtualization software such as VMware, KVM and Xen & Service Management;
- Deep understanding of scaling out and horizontal scaling infrastructure architectures.

Other Skills:
- Proactive, responsible and delivers on time;
- Analytical skills;
- Keeps up with IT trends;
- Customer service orientation;
- Excellent communication skills.

- Full proficiency in English is a mandatory requirement.