Performance Monitoring Engineer

  • IT | Portugal (Guimarães)


Published on 15th of March 2021

Monitor the Company’s servers/ services (more than 180) to ensure optimal performance while, at the same time, developing and maintaining all our software so we can run, shortly, multiple services in the same pool.


- Develop and maintain monitoring sensors for the company’s IT infrastructure;
- Monitor services performance and analyze monitoring data;
- Timely detects server/ service abnormal behavior;
- Diagnose the system in order to find possible causes;
- Implement the best action plans to reestablish optimal performance;
- Identify trends to predict system issues;
- Develop and maintain utilities around the company’s IT infrastructure;
- Collaborate with the technical team on finding and implementing the best effective solutions.


Education and Training:
- Bachelor degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

Professional Experience:
- Technical experience with enterprise IT and infrastructure management systems.

Technical Skills:
- High analytical expertise;
- Ability and/or interest to learn to develop programming language skills such as JavaScript, Python and/or Bash;
- Good understanding of Linux based operating system concepts is a plus requirement.

Other Skills:
- Cooperation and good communication skills.

- Full proficiency in English is a mandatory requirement.