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OLAmobile compra a IconPeak por 10 milhões de dólares e quer tornar-se no líder global do mercado

OLAmobile is proud to announce that it is joining forces with IconPeak and its subsidiary BidderPlace to enlarge its footprint within the mobile performance marketing space. The only existing investor in both companies, MAKERS, the Berlin-based company builder which initially incubated IconPeak and BidderPlace together with Felipe Ogibowski and Gunnar Kämpgen in 2013 and 2015,… View Article

2 August 2017
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OLAmobile premiada pelo Índice de Excelência

Temos muito gosto em anunciar que somos uma empresa premiada pelo Índice de Excelência, após um estudo realizado pela Neves de Almeida HR Consulting, em parceria com as publicações Human Resources Portugal e Executive Digest, bem como a instituição de ensino superior INDEG-ISCTE. Este prémio representa um grande reconhecimento para a OLAmobile, na medida em… View Article

15 February 2017
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OLAmobile was part of Luxembourg Internet Days 2016!

OLAmobile was proud to participate in Luxembourg Internet Days (LIT). This is a terrific event for ICT professionals that come together to talk about the industry and listen to some of the brightest speakers. The incredible number of opportunities for networking and the fact that the event has experienced an astounding increase in the number… View Article

24 November 2016
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