MWC Win tickets to the Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress

We love mobile and that’s why we want to make sure you have a chance of becoming part of the most important event of 2016.

The Mobile World Congress is simply the foremost event in our industry. Last year, it managed to bring together 94.000 attendees, thousands of C-Level leaders and close to 3.800 international press and industry analysts.

In this grand gathering, you’ll have the chance to experience more than 140 speaker sessions, in which you’ll listen to some of the most relevant voices of our mobile world. This is a truly remarkable congress and that’s why we’re giving a ticket away. The ticket costs 749 or more, which means that this is really a tremendous opportunity for the lucky winner.

Wondering what you have to do to earn the ticket? It’s quite simple. You just have to follow us and share our post on Linkedin.

How to win the ticket:

Bear in mind that we only have one ticket to offer.

This contest will come to an end by January 31st of 2016. At the beginning of February, we’ll do a draw.

You have the opportunity of attending the biggest congress of next year. It is a remarkable chance that you can’t miss.

If you get to be the lucky winner, you’ll be there from the 22nd until the 25th of February, celebrating the mobile industry.

We will announce the winners of the contest in the first week of January on both our Website and Linkedin page.

22 December 2015